Tailor-made high-quality measurement technology

For more than 30 years, Breitfuss has been developing mobile monitoring system solutions in the field of physical and chemical metrology. Custom components are integrated into vehicles and containers. Furthermore, as a systems integrator, we provide in-house solutions for test gas generators and data acquisition.

Planning process

Our experienced team of employees from various disciplines, such as chemistry, physics, electrical engineering, and computer science, designs and implements individual measurement solutions. We offer a full range of services, from consulting, design, and planning to fully-implemented turnkey solutions.


We offer you

  • Custom box bodies and containers
  • Weight assessments
  • Energy concepts
  • Electrical systems
  • Climate control
  • Ventilation technology
  • NBC protection system
  • Interior equipment
  • Laboratory equipment
  • Measurement technology
  • Calibration gas generators
  • Sampling
  • Data collection
  • Data evaluation