We are a pioneer of innovation. We have been exploring ideas in areas such as the environment, the automotive sector, and public safety for years through measurement technology projects, feasibility studies, and system concepts. We establish a secure foundation for your customized solutions on the basis of 30 years of experience, technical expertise, and great flexibility.
We have recently created the following studies for our customers:

Forschung und Entwicklung 2018 web

Transport of Ebola patients

The deadly, highly contagious Ebola virus requires a high level of security. Infected people must be transported in the aircraft protected by a solid shell. We supported our client in the development of a technical solution with a system concept. This concept takes into account protective measures corresponding to Protection Level 4 as well as aeronautical requirements and includes the period of implementation and cost estimate. 

BSL3 container with NBC protective ventilation

The air pressure in biosafety laboratories with NBC protective ventilation must meet conflicting standards. After the construction of a mobile laboratory prototype with glovebox, NBC protective ventilation, and desired expansion function in accordance with Protection Level 3, we created the "BSL-3 containment with NBC protective ventilation" feasibility study to examine the extent to which legal requirements for high-security laboratories are compatible with the guidelines associated with NBC protective ventilation.